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26x Kanna Late/Endgame

Selling 26x Kanna, comes with OG Email

Able to Solo Hlotus, last B.A 8,3t , more than 9t fully buffed.
It is already in all hbosses party (CDarknell, Cgloom, Vhilla, etc).

Close to 5k legion, 43k int

Max nodes

Max Arcane symbols, (Esfera and morass level 19)

Cernium Symbol level 4, 3b on Account.

10 pets or more in the account

Kanna comes with full drop gear and meso gear.

Lots of cash items including: transparent eyes, earring, gloves, cape

Close to MVP Bronze IV (more than 250k NX spent on this account).


Damage Gear:
19* Main Arcane Fan (Lucid Soul Applied), 17* Haku Arcane Fan (Verus Hilla Soul)
17* Arcane Glove (2l crit dmg)
17* Arcane Shoe
17* Arcane Cape
17* Arcane Shoulder
21* Superior Gollux Ring, 22* Kanna’s Treasure, 20* Solid Gollux Ring
21* Superior Gollux Pendant x1
21* Dominators Pendant
21* Superior Gollux Belt
18* Superior Earring
21* Monocle, 17* sweetwater tattoo
22* 3-set CRA (hat, robe, pants)

30% Boss Dmg
30% Boss Dmg
20% Boss Dmg
30% IED / Restores HP
30% IED

Large Meso and Drop Rate
Large Meso and Drop Rate
Normal Meso and Drop Rate / Normal Drop Rate

Other Characters

23x Aran, 26k Str (Weekly bossing mule)

Arcane Weapon
17* Full Absolab
17* and 18* All the other equips.
100% meso and 60% drop rate.

22x Hero, 17k Str

Price: ~$2000 - Open to offers.
I can provide any print screen if required.