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450 dollar worth of meso scam

I am kind of new to sell mesos here. He bought mesos and messaged me through discord. So I bought all the item that he posted but as soon as I bought everything he logged out of discord and did not confirm his order until now, and by the way the order number is 100020798 if by any chance it helps tracking. So I am afraid I got scammed… because he is not responding but a lot of big meso transactions were going on right after my meso delivery… I also submitted issue to the nexon homepage. I hope any one of you guys can help me find him and get my money back… Please help me out here.

First off, if you have an order number it means he paid us and we have his payment already secured.

Second, submitting any of this to Nexon would result in you being banned because any real money trading is against their ToS.

This is also why it’s important to exchange information such as IGNs, auction house items up for sale and their amounts and other stuff through Pixel Chat is so important. Or at the VERY LEAST exchanging Discord tags through Pixel Chat so that you can link the Discord you’re talking to, to the buyer on PixelMarket. Otherwise the burden of proof that falls on you becomes harder because you must then make the connection to prove you provided the buyer with what they bought and not some random person.

You have not been scammed yet, because their payment is still with us until a decision can be made. Please submit a ticket on the site under Dispute with your information including screenshots of your Discord chats.

Click below to submit a ticket: