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BUY MapleStory Mesos for SCANIA=9.50$/b / AURORA=12$/b

Hello every1! I’m here to buy MapleStory mesos for Scania=9.50$/b and Aurora= 12$/b trough PixelMarket, Paypal or Skrill!

*Minimum Amount of Mesos required: 5b
*Delivery Method: Face to face / AuctionHouse.
*Active Hours: 16PM~6AM (West)

*If u are from Europe we can do it for Euro(€) for the same amount as $ for no tax on Paypal, like that we can do it in small transactions without additional paypal fees.

Contact me on Discord: StonedInTheSky#4420
Contact me on PixelMarket Chat.
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Thanks and have fun maplers! :bs_cool: