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Buying Mesos in all worlds | B>Bulk/Daily

You must be willing to give the Mesos first unless you want to be paid via PixelMarket.
Please read the thread before messaging so there are no misunderstandings about what I am offering.
These are the rates I am paying for Mesos, and you do not need to cover the in-game tax :
Bera : $6 USD/Bil
Scania and Luna : $9 USD/Bil each
Elysium and Aurora : $11 USD/Bil each
My PixelMarket reviews : pxl.fm/bunnyreview
If you want to save money on fees, I can pay you with PayPal FF/GS, Venmo, or Karma Koin codes. Otherwise I am willing to pay you through the site which requires no trust on either side.
Please contact me on Discord @cheezit#6645 if you would like to sell. I will respond to PixelMarket messages, but my responses will be slower as there aren’t phone notifications available like Discord.