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[dream ms]sale of mesos by mesos mania [0.10$/m]

Offers by departure:
if the buyer buys a certain amount, he will receive 1 item for his purchase.

250.000.000ml = 1 Clean Scroll 20%
500.000.000ml = 2 Clean Scroll 20%

current mesos calculation:

0.10$/m 50-999
Example : (0.10$/m 50.000.000 mesos = 5$ Qly:(50)). (0.10$/m 100.000.000 mesos = 10$. Qly:(100))

method of payment:


*If you wish to withdraw Months in the form of Cash, we recommend the use of a mule.

*For your safety please use the pixelmarket chat.

*We recommend the client to take pictures to have a backup. both buyer and seller.

*mesos mania team Covers the 6% in-game commission on cash.

if in this case we can not answer you immediately in the pixelmarket chat. contact us from Discord . if we do not meet my partner and I, we are sleeping.

JabonTrozo # 9171
DiablonxD # 9331

170ml In Stock

Interested. Please reach back when you are available.

I was reloading. sorry for not responding. you can contact me via pixelmarket chat…