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[Hyperion] Boss Carries up to Black Mage 400%+ Drop

Contact me through DlSCORD if the boss you want is not listed below or if you need more detailed information: kirbymanga

Discount for multiple week purchases.

Payment Method: Paypal F/F, Binance

Details about the service:

  • Everything is 100% legal.
  • Providing at least 400%+ drop rate.
  • All the loot will be going towards the buyer, who will be party leader with “Party leader loot” option activated.
  • If you are not familiar with the boss mechanics, I can get someone to pilot your character (free of charge), We both will be streaming while doing the service.
  • With the recent update of 5% damage requirement, make sure your character meets the damage requirement. From my end I can provide extra buffs so you have an easier time.
  • We are very flexible scheduling our runs.

Pitched and Dawn accessories require extra fee and are sold upon request.


Black Mage pricing on DM.

Hell Gollux: 3$/day - 18$/7days.

  • Hell gollux are made with 1 customer per run, includes coin + equip loot.

Hard Lotus: 13$
Hard Damien: 13$
Hard Lomien: 20$

Hard Lucid: 15$
Hard Will: 15$
Hard LuWill: 25$

Chaos Gloom: 15$
Hard Verus Hilla: 20$
Hard Darknell: 20$
Chaos Tenebris Bundle: 45$

Chaos Slime:

  • Run with chance for ring: 20$
  • Run Chaos Slime weekly until ring drops: 45$