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(Reboot) S>250 Evan, 44.2k stat account



Never banned, on ranks

Level 250 Evan on reboot.
44.2k Int buffed
34.9m-36.7m buffed
1110 Arcane Force (20 VJ, 20 Chu Chu, 20 Lachlein, 19 Arcana, 14 Morass, 6 Esfera)
Full 22 star absolab gear
Arcane Weapon
27%+ gear
Can solo pretty much every boss, (NDamien and Nlotus in under 3 mins)
280% drop + 100% meso gear, all 2 line
Max level nodes
Full level 2 link skills
4575 Legion (Never really got around to it)
Still has over 30b and 2k nodes


Damage Gear - https://imgur.com/a/Oty55TB
Drop Gear - https://imgur.com/a/8Jc847B

Also started second main on a night lord, never ended up getting that far with it though. Level 208 with pretty much full legendary gear with over 2m range.
Has a level 150 farming kanna.

Account also has characters in Bera including

Level 230 Kanna - all the gear was sold off from it, still has a couple of untradables items such sweetwater accessories and sweetwater fan. Also has some perm NX still on it along with it and a bunch of random items.
Level 205 Wild Hunter - Has some legendary and unique gear. Sitting around 1.5-2m buffed range. Was a project I started a while ago but never really finished. Has good beginnings.
Has around 3500 Legion Level
Has a ton of Cra gear and random equips
Full level 2 link skills

If you have any questions about the account, feel free to ask

C/o 1000