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S>27m clean NL- 2k$+ worth of NXs (including rare items like Attack on Titan)



Night Lord gears :

Night Lord nx, etc. :

Reboot rest :

(the pets are on 2 Kanna, one farmer, one for Arcane River eventually… But remember Kanna+Hayato CashShop is shared)


(I didn’t care to show all hairs, eyes and dmg skins because there are too many chars with them. I let you discover them all !)

More Pictures:


Account: Reboot & Windia

Main: Reboot

  • Night Lord

  • Lvl 231

  • 260% drop gears + 100% mesos

  • 12b mesos

  • 27m clean range

  • 560 AF

  • 37,2k LUK

  • Big Spider/Eye of Time/Giant Snail familiars

  • All pre-quests completed

  • 5 years old Gold Snail account

  • Account with over 2000$ of NX worth in Perms/Eyes/Hairs/Chairs (including rare items, Attack on Titan, All transparent items, Both Ink&Wash rings, complete outfits, etc.)

  • Lvl 4800 Legion (lvl 250 and lvl200 LAB SERVER blocks gotten)

  • All boost nodes completed & most important skills level are at lvl~10-18

  • 3 pets with everything on main (1 perm pet on main, 1 perm pet in Kanna)

  • All important Link Skills completed

  • Lvl 153 Kanna with drop gears + IA drop

  • Lvl 178 Kanna with drop gears + IA drop (for Arcana eventually or another farming place)

  • Nice unique name IGN

  • On rank

  • Has Sweetwater Katara + Dagger

  • Kinesis has full CRA gears + legendary weapon-secondary-emblem

  • Meister ring is 15* Legendary

  • Few weeks away from getting Monster Park Medal! This means more %IED. Therefore, you can recube the Emblem (2ATK lines, 1IED line) for (3ATK lines)/(2ATK lines, 1BOSS line)!


  • Lvl 215 Shade
  • Lvl 206 Aran
  • Lvl 200 Hayato
  • Close to 200 NW & Zero
  • TON of collectible
  • TONof NX items/chairs
  • 2 perm pets with their perm items (White Persian cat & Fennec Fox)
  • NX eyes/hairs on every important character

If you direct buy on Pixel market, then the account is your, no discussion. Otherwise, if you add me on Discord only, then I will get everyone who added me on Discord to throw their best offer - The account will go to the best one.

In any case, either you direct buy or win Discord bet, we will go on Discord face to face, I will give you my personal smartphone number (and you will call me in live), all your questions will be answered and I will provide all information linked to the account. The sale will go through PixelMarket.

Discord: Yacy#9141

Selling for 1500$ US
c/o 1200$ US