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Selling MapleStory Luna Mesos 1:10€

Hi there,

I’m selling my maplestory Luna mesos for the rate of 1:10€.
I used to sell my mesos before through Game)Killer but unfortunately the Game)Killer forum is currently offline and undergoing a revamp, that’s why I’m trying to start selling my mesos here.
Some of you may recognize me or know me from Game)Killer.
Unfortunately due to this reason, I can’t show you my vouchs I got through Game)Killer, but I’d show you some screenshots from my discord conversations from previous buyers if you want.

Payment : only paypal, family and friends.
Tax : 3% covered.
Add me on discord if you’re interested in buying : mesos.phrases#8216

How it will work : you pay me on paypal and afterwards you’ll list a item in the Auction House that I’ll buy.
I’d do smaller transactions if there’s any trust issues.
I’d appreciate it if you could leave feedback on my profile when you bought mesos from me, to help me and to help others that my trades are without any problems.

Thanks, I hope to see you!