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Farm in Lach, Arcana, Moonbridge, Limina (123% meso gear, one shot)
All drops included
5$ x h

Rates Arcana
With wealth 600m
:boom:Wealth + legion 780m :boom:
Rates Moonbridge
With wealth 700m
:boom:wealth + legion 900m :boom:
Rates Limina
:boom:With Wealth 700/750m :boom:

Meso leeching Available in Arcana/Moonbridge

If i can farm more is better for you :mechanical_arm::mechanical_arm:

:fire:Kishin Service / Totem up to Limina :fire:
More promotions dm in my discord cz0196#0691

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This guy is great and legit, farmed X hours for me got me promised rates and provided BA every hour. Very chill and great communication will buy from him again in the future. :slight_smile:

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added on discord

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bought from him twice. Good seller, recommended!

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purchased from him, fast response completed with great rates and done in timely manner will be back again

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:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: great service!! :+1:

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(post deleted by author)

Service 100% handmade :smiley: