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Support Team

We are looking to build our support team for PixelMarket. At this time, this is not a paid position of any sort.


  • Mature
  • Polite
  • Active
  • Knowledgeable about PixelMarket including useful links and answers to common questions

You will be placed in a Support team Discord Role, as well as a Support group here on the forum. You will not be displayed as Support in any capacity on PixelMarket itself at this time.

More opportunities will be given in the future if you prove to be a helpful member of our team!

If interested, please reply to this thread.

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Definitely interested in a support role at pixelmarket.net

Are there perks associated with this such as decreased fees? Is this role going to handle payment processing or will it be just providing answers to basic questions for pixel users?

Interested as well


At this time we are looking for active users who are willing to help the community in a question-answer based role. There will not be any fee deduction as a perk.

In the future however, it is possible that further permissions could be given (such as helping with certain types of support tickets on the site).

Interested! :slight_smile:

Also interested