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Win a $50 Amazon e-Gift Card!

With the introduction to the new forum now official, we’d like to give away a $50 Amazon e-gift card to a random user. You must meet three requirements to be automatically entered:

  • Join the forum (EASY! If you are reading this and were logged into Pixel, it’s possible you’ve already done this! If not, just click the login button up top.)
  • Create at least 1 topic outside of Unfiltered. This could simply be a new Selling thread, buying thread, a general conversation thread in the Lounge or even a suggestion/bug report/feedback thread.
  • View at least 5 topics
  • Read at least 10 posts
  • Accumulate at least 30 minutes of read time

The contest will end on September 16th and the winner announced September 17th.

Congratulations to @bigot for winning the giveaway! You’ll be emailed the e-gift card using your registration email on PixelMarket.

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