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27x Endgame I/L mage, 27x Endgame Kanna, updated

27x 62k Endgame I/L mage. (1st main char)
Truly Endgame avatar reached out glass ceiling (Sengoku Badge, lab, dark totem, wondered heart).
22 AU Set.
Fully liberated genesis weapon.
87xx Legion with all lv3 links.
Familiar 110% Boss + hp/mp recover.
cursed Blue, green and yellow spellbook.

27x 50k Endgame Kanna. (2nd main char)
22 eyepatch.
cursed blue spellbook.
Will have the fully liberated weapon in the next month.

160b left. and got the yeti x PB title.


Current offer?

Is the avatar still available @Lolipop