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27X Endgame Shade lib, 26X kanna avatar


27x 58k Shade, og owner / never hacked on

3x 22 arcane Set + 1x 22 abso
liberated genesis weap
160 sacred force max arcane force
8k Legion with lv3 links.
ror4, wj4, rt4, total4, hm4
9.2/0/0 WSE (1 double prime, worth over 300b)
1 Gear at 21* (waiting for dark boss replacement)
Rest of gear at 22* real 3L pot with wondroid / 3 dark totems (no badge)
3 x 30% boss, 1 x 40% ied bossing familiars
3 Set Finished Pitched boss items (all useable)
Can solo up to Black Mage, heavy damage contribution to Seren

Lv 26x Kanna (Liberation included if you want, liberates in June)
33k stat
Hybrid + 2L meso/drop gear
Can solo up to hlomien
Bossing Fams + Wondroid + totems(1 dark)

Acc has lots of nodestones/legion coin/NX

C/O 6K
A/W 9K