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About payment

Hello admin, I recently sold an account on feb 25 like about 8 days ago.
I still haven’t received it on my PayPal and was wondering if anything wrong. This is my first time making a sale on this site . Not sure is there is something wrong about my setting about my PayPal or others? I hope I can get some assist about it. Thank you so much and have a nice day^^

What does your expected date of payment say?

Account sales over $500 can take longer than the normal 7 days because of increased risk over the past several weeks.

Its say MAR 4 - MAR 7

I would expect your payment to be sent no later than tomorrow.

Thank you so much for replying to me. Have a nice day admin

Sorry to disturb . Just wanted to ask is it normal if I haven’t get the payment on Mar 8 . It’s already overdue the expected date Mar 4 - Mar 7. :smiley:

It’s 12days already from my deal date FEB 25. The amount was not above 1000$ , it should be already on my PayPal if following the latest announcement about the payment date issue.I hope I can get the payment hold by pixel market ASAP. Thanks

Your payment has been processed. Please let me know if it’s still not in your PayPal.

Thank you. Saw the transfer already but it show that the amount was on hold in PayPal. Is it normal? Thanks again for follow up with my issue :smiley:

Your payment being put on Hold by PayPal is something that is out of our control. This typically happens when your account is new, has seen a recent change in activity or a dramatic change in the size of recent transactions. We can help speed the process up, but cannot outright prevent these holds.