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Account Listing Removal Announcement

As previously advised, today was the deadline for all game account listings to be removed. As of this moment, all account listings been completely deactivated. For the time being, this is permanent. Any attempt to bypass this restriction by using other categories or product types will result in the removal of not only the listing, but also your account. This also means that any attempt to sell under the guise of a different product entirely, will also result in the removal of your listing and account. If a sale is made and it’s found to be for an account, your payment will not be processed. From this point forward, there is a zero tolerance rule in effect for listing and selling game accounts on PixelMarket.

#private:avatars contains more information, but you need to be Verified or Rank 2+ as a buyer or seller. A tad more information can be found on our Discord announcement. (we advise you read if you have any type of interest in buying/selling accounts)

Oh I see. I only log in to bump my thread and that was about it, so I wasn’t aware of this change. Thanks for the explanation

Hmm, then can you guys remove my listing completely please? Not just mark it as disapproved, but remove it completely from your system. I tried to remove it in my seller’s portal, but after selecting the listing, there were no extra options.

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OH OKAY. Thank you for the explanation.