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Boost our Discord, earn perks!

Discord has recently introduced Server Boosting. Boosting is available for all Discord Nitro ($9.99/mo or grandfathered Nitro Classic supporters) users. By boosting servers, those servers can get cool perks such as animated server icons, more emoji space, custom invite background, custom banner and even it’s own custom invite URL link.

PixelMarket and Discord Perks
When you boost, you get a special icon that looks like this:

It evolves as you keep boosting that server. You also get a special role and color:

That’s not all though! Keep boosting our server and you’ll earn our new Discord Booster badge to show off on PixelMarket:

We also plan on adding more perks for users who repeatedly boost our server, which could possibly include discounted fees, coupons, early payments and user customizations like username display color on the site.

We currently have 5 boosters and only need 5 more to get to Level 2! Our current amount of boosters and level can be seen by hovering over the icon next to the server name on the top left (this is also where a custom banner would go).

To see if you’re able to boost, click the server name and then “Nitro Server Boost”, or in the Discord Nitro options within your settings page.

More info on boosting found here: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028038352-Server-Boosting-