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BUY MapleStory(Global) Mesos for ALL SERVERS

Hello every1! I’m here to buy MapleStory mesos through PixelMarket, Paypal or Binance(Crypto). Bera=4$/b, Scania=4.3$/b, Luna=4.9$/b, Aurora=4.4$/b, Elysium=4.9$/b

*Minimum Amount of Mesos required: 5b
*Active Hours: 4PM~6AM(UTC)

*If u are from Europe we can do it for Euro(€) for the same amount as $ for no tax on Paypal, like that we can do it in small transactions without additional paypal fees.

Contact me on Discord: stonedinthesky
Contact me on PixelMarket Chat.
My Profile->https://www.pixelmarket.net/gamification/profile/view/id/17330

*I can show u proofs that I am a legit buyer and I can response to any question that you may have just leave me a message.

Thanks and have fun maplers! :bs_cool:

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