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Buying Mesos in all GMS worlds [Get paid fast]

You must be willing to give the Mesos first unless you want to be paid via PixelMarket. No exceptions due to an influx of exit scammers.

Rates I am paying (You do not need to cover the in-game tax):
Scania : $3.20/b
Bera : $3.20/b
Luna : $5.50/b
Elysium : $5.50/b
Aurora : $7.00/b

My PixelMarket reviews : pxl.fm/bunnyreview
If you want to save money on fees, I can pay you with PayPal FF/GS, Venmo, or Karma Koin codes. Otherwise I am willing to pay you first through the site which requires no trust on either side.
Please contact me on Discord @cheezit#6645 if you would like to sell. I will respond to PixelMarket messages, but my responses will be slower as there aren’t phone notifications available like Discord.



if it still work, I will absolutely buy the meso from you.


I am buying them for these rates not selling, are you selling or buying?