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Changes to Account Selling Policies and Expected Payment Dates

Recently, there has been an increase in accounts being flagged during the process of changing account information upon purchase. It is known that you are unable to change an email more than once every 7 days, but we believe they are also flagging accounts where passwords and security questions are changed within a 7 day period. Due to this, we are extending the payment wait period for all account sales as follows:

  • Account sales $250-$500 - Up to 7 days
  • Account sales $500-$1,000 - Up to 10 days
  • Account sales over $1,000 - Up to 14 days

The length of time can vary depending on your seller rank and whether you are verified. However, the minimum wait time for anything over $1,000 will be 7 days no matter your rank or verified status.


Buyers will be refunded if an account is banned during this process and the account is unable to be recovered by you or the buyer. The account’s information (email, password, PIC, security questions) should not be changed within 7 days of the purchase date.

Safest way for sellers to conduct trade (to protect yourself):

  • Download a screen recording program, such as ShareX
  • If any information was changed by you within the last few days, make sure to wait at least 1 week until you sell the account, or the buyer begins changing (this will delay the buyer’s confirmation)
  • Put the account’s information in a text document (such as Word or notepad)
  • Begin recording the screen, copy and paste (best through right-click options and not key shortcuts) account email and password from text document into the game and log in to show information works. You can then record various specs of the account that were a major selling point (characters, levels, IGNs, damage ranges, items, etc). It is unwise to even login to the account a few days prior to selling, as Nexon can, and has, flagged accounts when different IP’s access it in too short of a period
  • Once you sell the account, copy and paste–from the same text document–the account information into your PixelMarket chat window with the buyer
  • If enough time has surpassed since you last logged in and last changed the account’s information, you must then help the buyer get all information changed over successfully before it is considered a completed delivery


How to conduct the most secure account sale (to protect yourself):

  • Download a screen recording program, such as ShareX
  • Upon receiving the account information from the seller in PixelMarket’s chat, record your screen while copy and pasting (best through right-click options and not key shortcuts) into the game to ensure it works. You can then locate the major selling points of the account that need to be there, if advertised as such
  • You can then begin changing over information, including email, passwords, security questions and unlinking any recovery options for the account and the email account given. Make sure to check for any phone or email recovery options