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Changes to Refunds & Re-Enabling of Auto-Disabled Products

Change to refunds for buyers

Approximately a year ago, PayPal made changes to their refund policy so that all sellers would still be charged the original fee we paid when receiving the payment. We have tried our best to continue giving buyers 100% refunds in all cases unless they were at fault, but unfortunately we can no longer do so. We will continue to issue some 100% refunds, but it will be on a case-by-case basis. If a seller forgets to take a product off, a 100% refund will be given. If a seller is inactive and does not reply, we will issue a refund minus the service fee that is charged at checkout. We feel this is a fair trade, as our services are still rendered in that we protect you from sending money to someone who then stops replying. On top of this, we offer multiple routes of communication with sellers on top of showing when the seller was last online. If it has been a few days since that seller has been online, we urge you to message them first. You can do this on PixelMarket and Discord if they have one linked. If neither of these work, we suggest using the Poke system that has been in place for over a year. It’s as simple as clicking the bell icon located above a seller’s avatar on the product page and their shop page. Clicking this will automatically send an email to the seller, notifying them that someone is interested in a product but has questions. The below feature will also be re-enabled.

Inactive Sellers

In addition to this, we will be re-enabling the auto-disable feature. This means that any seller who has not shown any activity in the previous 7 days will have all of their products automatically disabled, and can only be re-enabled by logging in and re-saving their product. This will help reduce the number of overall accidental purchases from inactive sellers.

as a purchaser who wants to get refund, 100% is pretty important. we know how Paypal changes their policies but before that, seller and buyer should work correctly so there should be no refund cases.