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Chat Not Working

Hello! I’ve just made my first purchase, 66B mesos in Aurora, and I’m trying to contact the seller to do the deed, so to speak, but no matter what I do I can’t get the chat to work. I click the button on their profile page, and in the order listed in my accoun, and neither of them do anything. No error, no pop up, no new page, nothing. I have no idea what the chat even looks like cause it just doesn’t respond in any way. I’ve sent a ticket in about this, and in the discord, but I haven’t gotten any responses yet so I thought I’d try my hand here in the forum as well. I’ve turned off all blockers, tried a completely different browser, and still nothing, so I have no idea how I’m supposed to contact the seller to get what I paid for OTL

Went through a lot of tech support with Multitask, and we couldn’t get it fixed…seems like it could be a Windows 11 issue with blocking Java for some unknown reason. Multitask was kind enough to try their best though, and instead just let my seller know I need to be contacted through Discord to complete the transaction since I just cannot get chat to work.