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Chat Upgrade - IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Complete


We are upgrading our chat system on the above date/time to a cloud service in hopes of a better and less buggy experience for our users. While we are keeping the same chat, all past and current message histories will be removed from view on the frontend.

  • You will not be able to view these messages once we upgrade
  • These messages will be saved on our server and seen by admins still
  • You can save any and all conversations if you wish by using the export (in .txt format) feature in your chat on the embedded inbox page, but only before the upgrade (example below)
  • After the upgrade, if you forgot or never got to it, we can export these conversations and deliver them in Excel (.xls) format only

What we hope the upgraded chat brings us

  • Faster messaging
  • Less loading times for some pages
  • Less load on our server
  • No more missing or disappearing messages
  • Access to bots in order to help us create integrations (such as with Discord)
  • Ability to write in local languages (not yet decided if this will be allowed)
  • Read receipts
  • Last seen notifications
  • Role-based access, to allow for mods

Some important things to take note of

  • Message histories will only be available for 180 days
  • You can still export them and save them locally (on your computer) if you wish during that 180 day period
  • Admins can still export them and save them locally, which will be done periodically in order to retain a full message history of all chats