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Delivery Confirmation

The deal is completely completed.
Buyer does not check Delivery Confirmation.

You can submit a ticket for Forgotten Buyer confirmation and it will be looked at. If everything was done through Pixel’s chat, it will be checked and confirmed if it’s clear the order was completed. If it was done outside, then you must provide evidence it was completed, and then it will be confirmed.

i sended my ticket on December 18th. but still in progress
I sent a new ticket yesterday. Please check it out.

With the current broken payment system, your payment can’t be processed. Your ticket is currently still open so that it’s not forgotten once payments can be sent again.

Sorry, I am not good at English. What I’m curious about is that I handed over the item, but I’d like to hear an answer about the buyer not receiving the payment because he forgot the confirmation.
Two out of three sales have not been confirmed by the buyer