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Discord tags now prohibited in product descriptions and seller About sections

To help battle the continuing efforts of some to exploit our site and users as a means of finding scam vicitims, we have made the decision to prohibit posting Discords in Product Descriptions and in a seller’s About section. We understand it’s impossible to stop people from using Discord to talk, and while we strongly encourage using PixelMarket’s Chat for exchanging of important information, it’s inevitable that some talk will continue on Discord. So, as an alternative, Discord tags will now be able to be shown to users as long as you have a linked & synced (publicly visible) Discord. This will always show the seller’s current Discord tag, even if they change it. To prevent even more mistakes, you can simply click the “COPY” button and it will copy the Discord tag to your clipboard and you can then paste it right into a Discord friend request or tag.

This will be displayed on product pages, seller shop pages and public profiles for all users who are linked/synced.

If you wish to have your Discord publicly displayed on any of these, you are now required to link your Discord and Pixel account (https://www.pixelmarket.net/link-discord).

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It would be wise to begin removing your Discord from products/about section, as we will soon be sweeping them and removing any Discord information contained within, and will continue sweeping them from here on out to prevent anyone attempting to bypass the filters.

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