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High End Phantom (+ decent mains) account BERA



Selling high end phantom account, with 1 24x chracter and over 3 23x lvl charecters and 5.8k+ legion. Paypal is preferred and if you are not vouched in GK / Bera trade we will have to use third party site. Account is off ranks, appealing to lift the off ranks is 100% ur choice, ban was done very long ago and have heard few friends that lifted off ranks. Even if it is off ranks I will only be selling at a price I am happy with, ofcourse I will still consider that the account is off ranks.

Extra info
-very very good untradeables in phantom (all transposed SW gear set, untradeable primed mono &tat), the phantom is already half funded with account itself with very high end gear.
-primed 33%mpot 2l bpot sw mono & tat on hero & BM as well
-shit ton of expensive perm nx, royals
-5.8k+ legion
-all links done
-pet attack scrolled (120+attack total)
-FS ring
-LAB blocks done

Image : https://imgur.com/a/nFO3e70

The account is at 50k luk with 3 level 4 buff rings (restraint, weapon jump, and totaling ring)

Discord Hyeon#8643