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I paid for USC 3 months, Fury does not answer

5/25/2021 I paid $ 55 for UCS. On 5/27/2021 Fury posted on discord that he was stopping the development of the program. But the service was not provided and I would like to get my money back.
I tried several times to contact him on pixelmarket but he is not responding.

100049133 has been refunded. You will need to open a dispute on PayPal for 100049985.

He knowingly kept taking orders despite his bot being taken offline by the original creator of it (he is just a reseller of the program). He kept taking orders, took his last payment from PixelMarket and then left, leaving all of his customers out of luck.

I would be very wary of buying programs like that for WoW, as this is a common occurrence for that game. Such programs will never be allowed to be sold on PixelMarket again, for any public server game.

If you need help opening a claim on PayPal for your most recent order, let me know.

Thanks for the return and feedback. I have no complaints about your store. I didn’t think Fury would do it.