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Major Site Upgrades in the coming weeks

In the coming weeks we will begin work on a major upgrade to the site. This upgrade will be worked on separately from PixelMarket until it is completed. It includes upgrades and changes to both the backend (stuff only staff can see) of the site, as well as the frontend (stuff users can see). This upgrade will mean some pretty noticeable changes to the site, including the look and style, as well as performance (speed, loading times).

Unfortunately, this also means that until it is done, we are putting a hold on new features and additions to the site, as there is no point in adding new things and then have to update them so that they run smoothly with the new upgraded version of the site. Our main focus will be the upgrade first, and then once complete, continuing to add new features (many are planned!). This will also mean a smoother chat experience, and the beginning of work on iOS & Android apps for the chat itself.

We will, of course, continue to fix bugs when or if they appear.

The look and feel of the site will mostly go unchanged, but will not be exact due to the theme of the site having to basically be “redone”. Feel free to ask any questions or voice any concerns.

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