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MapleMania is a newly formed group which is providing their customers with Maplestory services such as:
**Mesos on several servers, **Powerleveling Services, PreQuest Services, Premade Reboot Mesos Accounts and even more!****

We are providing our customers with a Discord server which is being used to get live in touch with us and get fast information if you have any questions regarding services or the status of your order.

On our Discord server our Team is in the serverrole



that way you know who you can message to get support.

You can also add our Admin on Discord -> MapleManiaOwner/TurTur#6558

If you are interested, please join our Discord for more information!
Discord Link:


Other way´s to get in touch with us:

Skype: maplemania@mail.ru

E-Mail: maplemaniasupport@mail.ru

You can look up our prices for the services on the following pricelist:


-> Pricelist

We are happy to be able to offer our services to you and cant wait to get in contact with you!
Satisfied customers are the best customers! MapleMania ©


  1. Leveling/Boosting/Prequesting/Farming is done with the help of automated bots/scripts (leeching).
  2. For all services the account login info is necessary otherwise we cannot offer our services because we us automated systems and scripts.
  3. Our Team who is leveling your account is located in the Netherlands.
  4. If your account gets banned during leveling we will compensate you with a cashback or redo of the bought services.
  5. Once an order has been placed and the money has been payed we can NOT refund you.
  6. Everything will be recorded on video to be safe against Scamming!
  7. Do not try such as PayPal scamming or any other methods to scam us or our team.
  8. We have taken precautions to avoid PP Billing Scamms / Chain Bans / GM Bans