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Mule equips lvl 100-200

You have a hard time killing mobs with more than 1 hit and you want to level up fast, that will help you a lot.
This is a package that includes a total of 18 items so you can kill lvl 100-200 mobs in 1 hit.
You will spend less time leveling up so you avoid being killed by mobs and have your legion as high as you want.
all items will have 11* epic with 6-9% of the stats you need (except xenon since all stats the highest % in epic is 3%)

This includes the following items:

SET FAFNIR (Weapon, Top, Bottom, Hat)
Set Boss
-Crystal Ventus Badge,
-Royal Black Metal Shoulder,
-Dea Sidus Earring,
-Silver Blossom Ring,
-Ifia’s Ring
-Aquatic Letter Eye Accessory

Blackgate Armor
-Blackgate Cape
-Blackgate Boots
-Blackgate Gloves
-Blackgate Pendant
-Blackgate Belt
-Blackgate Ring
-Blackgate Mask

If you have questions or concerns please contact me via pixel chat or discrd Vcess#5195
The price of all these items is $25 for a full set, if you take more than 2 set you can get a discount.
Bera Service!