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New Mass Payments for Sellers

To get a further explanation of Mass Payment requests, please navigate to https://www.pixelmarket.net/csmarketplace/vpayments/request/

It’s located under the “Transaction” option in your navigation

There is an additional fee, however it helps sellers avoid PayPal’s automatic reporting to the IRS if you hit 200 transactions in a calendar year. (Unfortunately we cannot do anything if you break that $20,000 mark :bs_awwreally: )

In order to apply, you must meet one of the set requirements listed on the page. If you do meet one, an Apply button will be visible. Simply click it and you’ll be notified if you’ve approved by email within 24-48 hours. Once you are, the Request Payments page will show you all of your pending orders that are have been confirmed by buyer and seller. Simply check all and click Mass Request.

Your payment will then be sent as one payment, minus the 1% fee.