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New 'Poke' System for Notifying Away Sellers

Today we are introducing a new system that will allow buyers to send an email notification to sellers who have not been active for an extended period of time.

We suggest only using this if the last activity of a seller has been 1-2 days or more. Otherwise, a simple message through the chat should suffice. This will help prevent the need to purchase an item in order to try to get the attention of the seller. If the seller does not reply to your poke within 24 hours, it’s unlikely they would have seen your sale in that same period of time.


  • You are only allowed to poke one time per hour
  • You are only allowed to poke a specific seller one time a day

Abusing this system will result in you being blocked.

When a user ‘pokes’ a seller, that seller will receive an automatic email that tells them someone is interested in or has a question about the specific product that the poke was used on.

The poke icon will be displayed on all product pages, in the top right corner of the seller’s information column.

can’t see the ‘poke’, is there a bug on it?

This was a bug and has since been fixed