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New Seller Fees Effective December 1st

The following will take effect on December 1, 2019.

:white_small_square::small_orange_diamond:New Seller Fees:small_orange_diamond::white_small_square:
Due to our popularity growing this year, our never ending combat against charge backs has also grown. To help make up for this, we’re making the tough decision to slightly increase our seller fees. However, we are still proud to say that we continue to be the lowest fees out there due to the fact that buyer fees help make up for them and we do not charge for payment disbursements.

Fee increases will be as follows:

Rookie Item/Currency - 10%
Rookie Accounts/IGN - 11%

Veteran Item/Currency - 9%
Veteran Accounts/IGN - 10%

Superior Item/Currency - 8%
Superior Accounts/IGN - 9%

Fabled Item/Currency - 7%
Fabled Accounts/IGN - 8%

Demigod Item/Currency - 6%
Demigod Accounts/IGN - 7%

New Unnamed Rank for sellers who have sold over $100,000 will be set at 6% for all categories.

(We are planning on revamping all tiers in the future, so keep an eye out for that.)

These fees may not be permanent, as there’s always the possibility of them changing. However, we will always give at least two weeks notice for such changes. (Unless it’s a decrease, then we’ll of course decrease as soon as we decide!)

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