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Nexon Regarding RMT and Players

Please be aware that Nexon is “expanding” their enforcement efforts against players purchasing virtual items for real currency. You should be aware that this is nothing new, and they have been taking action against players for years. Nonetheless, we are to remind you that PixelMarket is not responsible for the loss of items, currency or accounts, in any capacity, if purchased through PixelMarket.

While we encourage sellers to be transparent in the means in which they obtain their products they place for sale, it is not possible to patrol such a thing. Therefore, sellers are not responsible for any loss that is a result of Nexon banning for RMT. From Day 1 of PixelMarket, we have encouraged buyers to be aware of what is going on with the game and to make smart decisions about what they buy, when they buy it and the amount they buy. This has not changed.

Sellers: Be smart, encourage your buyers to be as well.
Buyers: Be smart, be aware and be informed.