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PixelMarket Maintenance - 6/22/20

Updated 6/23 9:12 PM EST

Due to recent issues with the servers and slow loading times, we are transitioning to an upgraded server sometime tomorrow (6/24). Once the server is ready, the site will need to be moved over which will result in the site being down temporarily. We believe (and hope) this will help alleviate some of the server issues, while we actively try to clean up other parts of the site to help permanently resolve the underlying problem.

As a result of the downtime, payments that should have been processed yesterday (unfortunately server issues delayed those) and payments that should have been processed today will have to be delayed until sometime tomorrow morning. We apologize greatly for the inconvenience. We try out best to try to issue payments on time every single day, as well as resolve all tickets. All open tickets will have to wait until after the transition.

Server is now up and running, please be patient as we work with some more minor bugs!