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PSA: Discord Impersonators

We have made an announcement in our official Discord regarding the fact that there is someone impersonating others by adding publicly posted Discords from users on the site, in Discord and here on the forum.

These impersonators are:

:bangbang:ρbnj#0001 - 666187981912014869
:bangbang:v¡nce#2042 - 571096432606445569

(Please notice the different p and i in each username).

If you post your Discord publicly, it does open you up to being added by malicious users. Message them directly on PixelMarket, here on the forum or message them directly from the memberlist in our official Discord server - found on the right side of your window.

If someone adds you, then get confirmation they are who they say they are by messaging them on PixelMarket or here on the forum. We cannot protect you from malicious users 100%, so please use your brains. Anyone pushing you to trade off of PixelMarket, through services such as Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, PayPal, etc, likely have ill-intent and just want to rip you off.

For the time being, the MapleStory section is hidden from all non-registered users here on the forum.