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[Reboot NA] End game 25x Evan / 24x Bishop / Arcana farmer kanna 100% legit

6.2K Legion.
100% Legit, on rankings.
27x Arcane river droplets, 3k nodestones.
OG Email!
Wonderoid hearts on Evan, Bishop, and Kanna.

25x Evan:
4Xk Stat.
36% m.att arcane staff.
Multiple 22* items.
16% crit damage 7% all stat abso gloves.
21* Roulette rings.

24x Bishop:
Arcane shoulder.
3Xk stat.
All geared up for hard bosses!,

Account comes with an arcana ready farmer kanna with 120% meso / 85% droprate

C/O: n/a.
A/W: 3,000$ (Excluding fees).

PM me for more info on account / discord details.