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RMT bans in game

It has come to our attention that more people have been experiencing bans in game recently as a result of “RMT”. If you’re unsure of what this means, it stands for “real money trading”. It is against many developer’s ToS that you agree to when you sign up. You must understand that when you buy or sell on PixelMarket, you are in fact breaking most developer’s ToS and if you’re caught by them, you’re subject to a ban/block in their respective game. Once this happens once to you, it can be very easy for them to keep track of you and any future accounts you make or access. We are not responsible if this happens to you, nor are we responsible if you lose something purchased on PixelMarket as a result of RMT bans/blocks. Use common sense when buying and selling:

- Don't use usernames or likenesses that are identical to your in game name, your real name especially
- If you're in a "legit" Discord server, don't use the same Discord account to be in here and be synced to your PixelMarket account (It's very easy to have an alternative for that and keep it opened in a different browser or private/incognito browser
- Do not share IGN's to any buyer or seller unless they've already purchased from you or you already purchased from them
- Do not expose your IGN in pictures that you post in here or on a PixelMarket listing
- Do not expose any revealing information (stats, levels, clothing, etc) in posts or listings

We will absolutely change usernames on PixelMarket if you believe yours is too revealing. We urge you to submit a ticket regarding it. Your username should never be able to be linked to an in-game alias.