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S> 10+ y/o Account, 76xx Legion, All Links, Lvl 252 DB 1240 ARC (Aurora)

People telling me to sell my account instead of delete it. Already got rid of most gear worth selling but the account has:

  • Over 7.5k legion
  • A good amount of perm NX
  • High level characters with good untradable equips
  • Max character slots/Max storage slots
  • 7 Characters have pottable badges with my DB, Xenon and DS having Sengoku

Notable Characters:

  • 252 DB (Max inventory slots, traits, etc) Has godly emblem, katara, SW eye/face, black swordsman medal
  • 227 Pathfinder
  • 226 Demon Slayer
  • 225 Xenon
  • 214 Luminous
  • 210 Night Walker

I dunno what else to put here but if you’re interested DM me! There’s not too much of resale value on my characters, so the only thing worth on the account is the hours of playtime spent on the account, event history, untradables, and the usual stuff like arcane force, maple legion, links, etc.