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S>215 HERO w 3m buffed range,206 PF, 7x links REBOOT

Lv 215 Hero
GOLLUX, Magnus, Lomien, Prequests done.
Explorer Emblem done.
lv 8 VJ symbol
lv 6 chuchu symbol.
1m range unbuffed. 3m range buffed.
3 set abso, 3 set cra, full gollux equips(except for sup. pendant)
1.1b Mesos on account.

206 PF

lv 120:
DA, Merc, Evan, Aran, Illium, Ark, Phantom.

Lv 141:

Going for cheap. taking offers. add me on discord: Lloyd#9711
Through Pixel or Paypal Friends and Family.

C/O is 45 USD.