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S>360 bil (BOTTED) (ON RANKINGS) Account Lv. 220 NL 5 LETTER NAME IGN

DISCLAIMER: The account is a BOTTED account that I purchased about 2 or 3 years ago. The NL is still on ranks and has never been banned. I am NOT responsible for what happens to the account after transaction.

imgur link: https://imgur.com/a/DwaIVaa
My discord: DojaeCat#7628

I am selling a Level 220 NL account that has 360 bil. It is a FEMALE character.
Legion is around 1.2k, so has a lot of room for improvement.
General stats are: 20.2k LUK CLEAN, 6.2 ~ 7.3mil range CLEAN, 203% BOSS DMG, 69% PDR.
Link skills need work (need to create a Luminous, finish leveling Xenon, etc.)
Account has 410 AF.

Account comes with:
- 30% ATT emblem
- 21% ATT, 20% Boss DMG 2ndary
- Some 30% LUK gear
- Some other 3L (24, 27% LUK) gear
- Wonderoid heart + wonderoid with the shop function.
- ONE permanent pet that has an auto-buff skill + other pet skills.
- A lot of permanent NX (notable ones: Blood Oath, Transparent face, Fur-Trimmed outfit, etc.)
- PLUS A LOT MORE all posted in the imgur link.

BUT… there is a lot of room for improvement on this account:
- Upgrading the shoes, gloves, cape, and possibly weapon to Absolab.
- Upgrading the 2nd pendant to Superior Gollux, which is provided with the account (3L Legendary)
- Upgrading the earring to Superior Gollux, which is NOT provided with the account. However, the
account has about 619 OLD gollux coins and 200 NEW gollux coins that you can trade/use to
easily obtain a Superior Gollux earring from the Gollux shop.
- Upgrading the 3 rings that are currently worn on the NL. the Superior Gollux ring is 3L Luk (27%);
The other rings are drop rate rings, some of which have some LUK lines with it.
- The drop rate on the account is about 100% I believe (3 rings (2 1L drop, 1 2L drop), 1 Gollux
earring (1L drop).
- Getting better flame for the equips.
- Getting more nodestones to finish 5th job skills and more AF.
- Getting a Meister Ring (the account comes with 4 Primal Essences, but only Lv. 10 Acc Crafting)
- etc.
Because of the gear that needs to be replaced, this account has a lot of potential, especially given the
fact that the account comes with 360 bil.

The NL has a 5 LETTER NAME IGN that I obtained from a name wipe event by Nexon in 2014. So rest assured, the IGN is safe with you, should you buy this account. It is an ORIGINAL NAME IGN, no special characters or anything. I have blurred out the IGN in the imgur pictures.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me via Discord! Thank you :)

A/w: $1300

edit: new autowin.
edit: Have been working on the account and doing dailies, cubing, etc. So certain items may be updated and AF has been increased.