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S>8k legion account Elysium 1600$

Check it out here:

Original email deleted, and replaced with a new one completely disconnected from any linked accounts( this new email has no 2 factor auth, nor a phone verification,only mail and password).
Legit Account , in global rankings.
Most Link Skills done.

If you want to purchase the account please make sure to press the bell near my name in order to see if i am online and ready to serve you!
it might take up to 24 hours for me to transfer all the details to you, everything will be done trough chat to provide evidence for both sides
in case mistakes are made along the way.

for more info contact me via chat and i will be happy to answer any questions on the account!
i have provided a huge amount of pngs that show the state of the account, and the main character aswell.
comes with 1b on main char
8089 legion levels.
main character : Aran lvl 242 22k STR 11.1m range fully buffed, 970 arcane, V Matrix Mostly Done!!]
3 perm pets on main, others scattered on other chars.
the main character is equipped with midgame gear (see pngs),Primed face accessory Holy Pink Beanity, sengoku hakase badge, 40% drop gear (2 sweetwater eye/face acces, 20% each).
-inner ability: Legndary, ATT SPEED +1, str+7,luk+4, buff skill duration 10%
242 Aran
211 Demon Avenger
212 Cannon Master
209 Wild Hunter
209 Dark Knight
206 Wind Archer
200 Arch Mage(Ice,lit)
200 Mechanic
200 Shadower
203 Mercedes
200 Night Lord
200 Bishop
201 Kinesis
200 BowMaster
200 Shade
201 Mihile
200 Kaiser
200 Phantom
200 Luminous
200 Demon Slayer
201 Blaze Wizard
200 Hero
200 Angelic Buster
200 Thunder Breaker
200 Beast Tamer
201 Zero
201 Night Walker
200 Dawn Warrior
200 Battle Mage
200 Blade Master
201 Xenon
200 Evan
200 Hayato
200 Kanna
200 Blaster
200 Paladin
207 Buccaneer
200 Marksman
201 Jett
183 Arch Mage
175 Aran
143 Night Lord
105 Kaiser
100 Angelic Buster
88 Cannon Trooper
70 Luminous