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S> [BERA] END GAME MERCEDES Range 26m clean 48m buff



MEGA PRICE:= $1299.00
*Main Character: Mercedes 230 Server BERA


★ Legion: 3117
★17 Pets with 90 (pets 90 days that can be revived)
★1 Pet permanent
★ 13 items With 20 stars
★ Tyrant Cap with 10 stars
★ All equip is Legendary, (with some legendary and unique Bonus Potential)
★ 3 Totems permanent (OtherWorlds cygnus totem - King of beats Totem - Hunter totem)
★ V matrix Skills - Perfect Nodes (Lvl 25)
★ Range 26m clean 48m buff. (252% boss Damage)
★ Tons of NX, Royal Hair, Royal Face, and valuable/cute chairs
★ 710 Arcane Force.
★ 3 billions mesos.
★ 27 slots characters.


Mind selling gears separately?


Nop, just the all account


I can hear some offers, just let me know :grinning:




Hey mind dming your disc to me? I may have a friend who is interested but he wants to know more about the account.


Sure! this is my Discord : Kaverno #1811


couldnt find you add me? Mit#2439

Update: I found you but discord saying you only accept messages from friends so i sent a friend request, you might also need to add nes.12.31#8671 hes the one who is interested in this account.