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S>{MS2} <NAE> 2,100 Merets (via Design Shop) [10-Day Delivery]



Price: $12.50

Link: https://www.pixelmarket.net/0u0-na-east-2-100-merets-via-design-shop-10-day-delivery.html

*Notice: This trade requires that you have 100 Merets or a Template Voucher.
*Notice: Extra fee may apply depending on any existing listings in the Design Shop.
*Notice: Delivery takes 10 days.

{Transaction: How-To}

  1. Create any UGC.
  2. List to ‘My Shop’ for 3,000 Merets.
  3. Wait for purchase (1).
  4. Remove the item from sale.
  5. Allow 10 days for delivery.

{Purchase: How-To}

  1. Contact me for availability.
  2. Add to cart.
  3. Complete payment.
  4. Receive product.