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S> RebootNA account. DB lv 256 + arKanna + 8K legion

I’m selling my RebootNA account

Main: Blade Master lv 256 / 32K stat / 2.6T / Umbra Weapon 17* (items 21/24%. You can upgrade a lot). 3 pets with buff (no perm) that can be revived every month with “free” Water of Life (Reward Poiint). 100% meso + 80% drop. 3 familiars +20% boss ea (+60% total boss dmg)

Kanna famer: lv 247 w LucidSoul / 1shot Arcana w Hilla pets (Can solo some bosses) 100% meso + 80% drop

DS lv 240: that can solo Lotus+Damien (CRA, nCyg,…)

Legion: 8K+

Dual Blade stuff (gear, familiars, legion, link skills, etc): Dropbox - EquipmentCharacters.docx

Demon Slayer stuff (just gear, familiars,…): Dropbox - DemonSlayerGear.docx

Kanna stuff (just gear, familiars,…): Dropbox - KannaGear.docx

Other characters + additional info: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/a0dgxd44naqjv9588jgk2/AdditionalJobs.docx?dl=0&rlkey=pw7pdnd2h9z8rhsvq51jv3qfn

For more information or screenshots, contact me. Discord: Fakesmile#7119

Price: offer

c/o $1600
a/w $2000