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Selling 5k Legion Account W/ level 238 DS + other level 200 +



I’m quitting maplestory. I don’t see myself coming back to this game as i’m going to be suuper busy with life. At the moment i’m selling my account. It has 5k Legion, multiple characters including a level 238 Demon Slayer (It has nothing on it and all of my items are on my Aran which is level 170 at the moment) The account includes some nice perm NX on some characters, everything else are links and legion mules. I have some decent igns including Capo, and some other random stuff. If you’re interested in buying the account, DM me on Discord. I’m also vouched on Bera Trading! My discord tag is Sonder#8095. I’ll be selling this account for $300~350 USD. A/W is set at $350