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[Selling] All Boss Carries Max Drop

Please contact me for availability.

Fast runs. For reference, <1 minute hard lotus.

Yui# 0019

  • All bosses will be done with 394%+ drop rate
  • Pitched is not included. Additional $50 for pitched
  • Boss set is included. (Twilight mark, Estella earrings, Daybreak pendant, Guardian Angel slime ring)

Black Mage (Check for availability. Have multiple parties)

Price: $150

  • Gene badge not included. Additional $100 for gene badge
  • Pilot is included if needed
  • Coaching is available if needed

Weekly Bosses

Hard Lucid: $10
Hard Will: $10

Hard Lotus: $10
Hard Damien: $10

Chaos Gloom: $15
Hard Darknell: $15
Verus Hilla: $15

Chaos Guardian Slime: $15

Chaos Root Abyss (4 doors): $5

Weekly Bundles

Hard Lotus + Hard Damien Bundle: $15
Hard Lucid + Hard Will Bundle: $15
Chaos Gloom + Hard Darknell + Verus Hilla Bundle: $35

Daily Bosses

All daily bosses are $1 each.