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Selling Bera Legion - Potable Badge

Selling Bera 8.4k legion
Zero and kanna lvl 250
Dawn Warrior lvl 240
Ark and Demon Avenger lvl 235
Night Lord lvl 230
Without items I just selling for the legion
has petite pony in the Dawn Warrior
Tadable in the avatar tittle with ignore defense 10%
Kanna has 100% drop rate
All character lvl 200+
All link skills complete lvl 2 and lvl 3
You can take any character as main and it will be easy for you
No one character has badge
A lot perm NX in the all characters
show you more about the or if you have questions or concerns you can write me in pixel chat or disc I will gladly answer your questions
Never Hacked-Never Banned
I am a verified user with sales made previously.
If you find this post it is because it is still available, when it is sold I will delete it

I also sell another 4
thunder breaker lvl 242 6.9k legion
wild hunter lvl 229 7.8k legion
demon slayer lvl 255 8k legion
Night Lord lvl275 8.2k legion

Power Lvling service available: BERA ONLY !!

those 4 do have a badge potable
msg me for more information!
my vendor profile: https://www.pixelmarket.net/vendor-shop/jansooo