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Selling MapleRoyals Account ( Corsair 18kHP, can wash to 30k+ Mules [SI, SE, Mage] ) dumb cheap


i quit Royals about a year ago and thus sell all of the accounts.
a new e-mail adress was made so you can change all of the passwords, pins, and pics.
you get full access to the e-mail adress with all details and also full access with all details to all the mapleroyals accounts.

the following accounts are for sale:
lvl 17x Corsair 18k HP, washable to 30k HP with some insane untradeable items.
zakum preQ done, krexel preQ done, neo tokyo preQ done
lvl 14x Buccaneer Pirate with max speed infusion & timeleap
lvl 13x Bowmaster with max Sharp eyes
lvl 13x mage for farming

i will help you set up + spoof your MAC adress and hardware ID if you have been playing royals prior.
If not you can start playing immediately :slight_smile:

All accounts will be sold in one package only.

Price is 100$ USD fixed for ALL of the accounts. that is dumb cheap. considering the HP wash alone for just the corsair cost about 34b = 340$
then the characters are leveld, nicely named, some insane untradeable items on the corsair and also you get full access to change all of the information as you please.

PayPal as payment method, digital goods.

If you have any questions feel free to pm me or just write in the topic :slight_smile:


b u m p



Hi, could u put your discord or anyway else i can contact u?

whats ur disc ??

still selling?

Still available?