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Selling SwordieMS Mesos

I provide the best rates for SwordieMS Mesos, GML & items (icog 50, etc). Instant & fast delivery, with many vouches! I can guarantee the CHEAPEST prices and I give my buyers free gifts often too. I am very responsible on the forums & discord too, so PM me here or add discord directly now!

LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE: If you find any lower price anywhere else, tell me and I will match or beat the price!

Discord: Jasper#1471
(IMPORTANT: Add me as friend before messaging because I’m not in the Swordie discord server and cannot receive DMs without being your friend)


  1. GML - 0.15 each (Package: $50 = 400, $100 = 1000)
  2. MLG - 20 for 0.15
  3. Icogs 50 - 1.5 each
  4. Icogs 20 - 0.5 each
  5. Endgame Items (Scrolled/Potted/Enhanced)

still selling mlgs? what are your rates now if you still are selling.